BDI Rebalance #1 Results

Improved blue-chip exposure to DeFi, with more yield!

2 min readMay 12, 2021

The results

The community came out in force and all 3 proposals have passed. This means that the following changes will take place:

  • LINK will be added in the form of the crvLINK farm on YEARN at 9.17% yield.
  • CRV will be added in the form of the yveCRV* farm on YEARN at 17.68% yield. After much discussion, the team choose yveCRV here over yvBOOST due to the additional $PICKLE protocol risk in yvBOOST. The yield will still be compounded by BasketDAO.
  • aKNC, aREN and aMKR will be unwrapped back to KNC, REN and MKR

We were glad to see the wide turnout, with 460 addresses voting across 3 proposals.

The new BDI

If the rebalance were to occur today, this is what the new BDI would look like, earning 3% yield on a basket of bluechip DeFi tokens.

New weights using data from 12/05

So what happens now?

[May 15th, UTC+2] BDI rebalancing begins. BasketDAO will implement the changes voted in by the community over the course of 7 days.