BasketDAO Money Market Index

DeFi’s Diversified High-yield Savings Account

What is BMI? — thanks @zashtonEth 👏
  • Diversified exposure to some of DeFi’s best risk-adjusted yields sourced by Yearn strategist, while minimising your risk to any particular stablecoin and vault
  • Monthly rebalances to chase the highest yields, managed and paid by us
  • Low-gas entry and exit, paid by us
  • BASK staking rewards for the first 4 weeks of launch
  • Additional incentives for selected treasuries (read on)

BMI Methodology

  • No more than 20% of the fund in any one given vault
  • Does not make up more than 30% of deposits in any one particular vault (to ensure minimal yield dilution)
  • Vault inclusion chooses from highest to lowest yield from eligible vaults, assuming a minimum fund size of $100M
  • Only invests in Vaults with at least $5M in TVL
  • Rebalances monthly to follow the methodology. Fund will have some discretion around exact weights for the purposes of minimising slippage and rebalance costs.

How do I participate?

Low-gas Entry

  1. Deposit your USDC, yvUSDC, yvDAI or yvUSDT in SocialMinter
  2. BasketDAO will batch-mint periodically to cover gas cost for everyone
  3. Claim your BMI and stake it into our rewards contract to earn BASK

Low-gas Exit

  1. Deposit your BMI in SocialBurner
  2. BasketDAO will batch-burn periodically to cover gas cost for everyone
  3. Claim your USDC

High-gas Entry and Exit


Treasury Incentives

  • Lifetime exit fee exemption
  • If a partner’s initial deposit exceeds $100K, they get 10 BASK per $100K deposited, for up to 100 BASK. The minimum deposit period is 2 weeks, meaning an extra ~16% APY on top of default BASK incentives.




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