$BASK Tokenomics

$BASK is a valueless governance token. Please do not gamble your life savings on this.

Unlike our competitors, BasketDAO aims to only hold assets that are one of the following where possible:

This means you get paid instead of paying for asset exposure. All products launched by the BasketDAO team will charge 0 management fees.


The total supply of the $BASK token will be 200k, emitted over a period of ~5.5 months. $BASK started its emissions on block 12132273. The vesting breakdown for $BASK distribution is:

$BASK Distribution

So how does BasketDAO operate without fees? Simply put, a portion of the yield accrued by the platform will be used to pay for operational costs, and be redistributed back to $BASK holders.

The breakdown for the yield generated in a basket is as follows:

Yield Distribution

We believe this is a good incentive structure as:

The security of held funds will of course still trump all yield farming concerns. To that end, there will be clear guidelines behind what methods of generating yield are acceptable, and all changes will be put to a vote and then be done behind a timelock. To begin with, the protocol will only use Compound and Aave.

$BASK tokens will also be slowly introduced to the product lineup in the BasketDAO platform (subject to off-chain voting), this is to further align holders of the BasketDAO products with the protocol.

Distribution Method

We’re still deciding the best method of re-distributing the yields back to $BASK holders, possible methods include:

We welcome all suggestions and feedback; please join the discussion on discord — https://discord.gg/28ZNtj2aW5



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