A new direction for BASK


Max Supply


Product Incentivisation

Revenue Share


  • Treasury mints BASK to 100K
  • New double-dipping pools created for BDI-ETH, BASK-ETH, allowing 48hrs of pre-staking before emissions begin
  • Emissions stop for old pools: BDI single-stake, BDI-ETH, BASK-ETH; Incentivising you to migrate to new pools so you do not miss out on new rewards
  • Final xBASK profit distribution until revenue-share is turned back on

Final Thoughts

  • addresses uncertainty around BASK total supply, making it 2x more scarce than originally intended
  • addresses existing vesting confusion
  • commits to only short-term product incentivisation and outlines a path forward for existing farmers
  • postpones systematic revenue-share indefinitely to focus on protocol growth
  • repositions BASK as a useless governance token



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